Photo description:  My recently purchased hammock on one of my three terraces off the master bedroom.  The view looks down into the casa’s courtyard.  The white steps that you can see behind the greenery, and against the yellow wall, go to one of the three bedrooms.  The salmon wall houses another bedroom with a terrace above, which can be accessed from the master bedroom.

Dali Lama:  If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.


(1)  I am in good health.  No trips to the pharmacy for Imodium, just a stop for anti-itch cream.   How many places on your body can one mosquito bite you?  Let me count the itchy spots!

(2)  On the way to the pharmacy, did I tell you I stopped for a bottle of ‘agua’?  I can get about six blocks before the heat settles in, deep into my bones, and deeper into my skin, if I hadn’t brought SPF 100!

(3) Because of the heat and humidity, taxis are the only game in town.  And, as you probably know, with your own travels and, if you don’t speak the language, the absolute worst is trying to communicate over the phone.

My address goes like this:  Calle 68  #534 “A’ x 65 y 67.  Before I attempted to call for my first taxi, I practiced  my numbers in Spanish.  However, I spilled out all the numbers without making much of any differentiation between the street (Calle 68), the number of the house (Casa #534 ‘A’) and then the additional bit, ‘x’  (between) Calle 65 ‘y’ (and this one) Calle 67.  Well, as you can imagine, the taxi dispatcher hung up on me!  But, I used my resources on hand.  I was able to rope the plumber into calling the taxi for me, as he happened to be at the casa making it so the water would run through the pipes again.

There’s a happy ending to this tidbit.  My map showed a bus terminal near my casa.  Sure enough.  Two blocks away, taxi stands!  On top of this,  I found out all the taxis in the service called  ‘Santa Ana’ have air conditioning!!  Now that is a home run!

(4)  It’s time for me to mention the kindness of foreign land people who butt up against strangers, like me who don’t speak their language?  Yes, the locals have won me over!

As an example (before I figured out the location of the taxi stand), I decided to call the Rosas & Xocolate’s Boutique Hotel, where I was planning to go for lunch.  I asked if it was possible for them to call a taxi to come pick me up from my home address and take me to their restaurant.  The English-speaking manager kindly booked the taxi for me.   In fact, once I arrived, I asked to speak with her so I could thank her in person.  She then offered to call a taxi for me, anytime, even if I am not coming there for a meal!

Quite frankly, I wish my casa was next door, as I would go there for a meal every day.  So far, their ambience and menu selections are my favorite.  If you read about their ‘history’ on their website, you will see the state of the two mansions before they were renovated.  Please take note.  When possible, they salvaged some of the pasta floor tiles and you can see them in a few of their photos.

(5)  I have yet to sleep in a hammock.  But just to let you know, when I went and visited a development, The Yucatan Country Club and Resort, (, I was shown around by an Irish New Yorker real estate agent.  When he showed me the laundry room, in one of the condominiums, it also had a bathroom and closet of its own.  He said you could hire a live-in housekeeper.  This would be her room.   When it was nighttime, the secure posts in the walls would be where she would hang her hammock so she could sleep.  He said 95% of the Yucatecs sleep in hammocks.

‘In the words of the Maya, a hammock is like “the bed of a loving mother” where the soothing, rocking motion is reminiscent of the warmth and tenderness that only a mother can give.’
I was taken to Artemayab local shop by a tour guide.  It is my understanding that the proceeds made from the sale of their hammocks support a shelter for battered and abused women.The quote, above, is from their website:
DIY:  If any of you want to know how to securely tie your hammock to its posts, I took photos, step by step, and can send them to you.  I was prepared, but, in the end, my housekeeper did it for me.

(6)  I know some of my friends have concern for my safety in Mexico and I appreciate your concern.  With that said, the city of Merida, and the Yucatan peninsula, in general, have the reputation of being the safest city/region in Mexico.

Apparently, statistics show that many American cities have a worse crime rate than Merida.  Chicago, for instance, is brought up as a comparison, whenever safety is discussed here.  With that said, I do go by the general rules of safety:  I lock my front entrance doors while at home, or when I am away; I pay attention to who is walking near me; I play down my jewelry and dress; and so on, just as we all do when traveling, especially in cities.

I know.  I just got started.  However,  a friend just came to visit and I am tied up with new adventures, including along the Caribbean coast!  Enough for now…stay tuned. 

10 thoughts on “Mosquitoes

  1. That was absolutely wonderful reading Judy. I certainly do envy you and all the adventures you take. Glad that you recovered from your illness and are able to enjoy your visit. Particularly love the pictures so you will have to post more (with you in some of them if possible). Always nice to see what ole high school classmates look like these days. Ciao.

  2. How wonderful Judy! This is better than any of the books we’ve read. I look forward to your future posts. Enjoy!

  3. Judy, I love living vicariously through your sojourn. You are living right. I am leaving April 22nd and can’t wait to make a mess of the French language!!!

  4. Judy, I like it. I think it is getting better and better. I am off to Paris the 22nd with a friend to visit the Bonnard expo at the Musee D’Orsay! Can’t wait. Do my homework every night reading up about him. So far I feel sorry for his wife. He had done SOOOoooooo many paintings of this woman in the bath tub. She must have died because she was too shriveled up!! But his use of color is really something! They seem to “play” against each other. Also off to Louis Vuitton to have a couple of repairs to two VERY SMALL bags! Graeme did buy me a lovely bag when we lived in Dubai and I suggested that when I die, instead of buying an “urn” for my ashes, he could use the bag!! ANYWAY, enjoy your travels and keep up the “Blog”. It brings back such great memories and seen through someone else’s eyes. Love, Christine

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