As the title of my blog suggests, I am ‘directionally challenged’, in more ways than one! I’ve found it’s best to admit I am not one who follows maps well and GPS is now on the top of my ‘best friend’ list, even though it still is not perfect, like me, and allows for trouble to step in, on occasion!

Especially because of life changes in the last half decade or so, ‘directionally challenged’  also makes reference to my lifestyle of trying on different ‘lands’. Travel has always stimulated my heart and brain and stretched my growth. Now, when time permits, I like ‘nesting’ and ‘living like a local’, in different parts of the world, although if all I have is a week to explore somewhere new, I still sign up.

Although I consider myself an independent traveler, the kindness of strangers is what makes this work. I’m sure it’s one of the reasons I continue to seek out more travel. I like being reassured that the world is slanted towards gentle, kind people who carry a generous spirit within them.

They show this spirit by reaching out to give me assistance, even though I look different, and even though we oft-times have only a minimal way of communicating. What this proves to me is, even with all the world unrest, we are still operating off the commonality of knowing we are on this earth together, and the majority of us will still take the time and effort to help a stranger feel safe, secure, and comfortable, when she is not in her own homeland.


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